Big Bug Sound


What do I get for $48/hour?

All services provided at Big Bug Sound are $48/hour. This means pre-production (getting your songs arranged and details worked out), tracking (recording all parts), and mixing (creating the final product). Please note that new clients receive two free hours of recording time as a way to check out our studio before spending any money. We also offer an initial consultation at no charge.

What types of music do you record?

Virtually all types. While most recording happens here at the studio, we’re also available for location recordings such as piano, choir, etc. The sampler on the page will give you a great indication of the range and quality of music tracked and mixed at Big Bug (as well as some remote recording samples). Please note that new clients must be accepted before Big Bug agrees to work with them. If we don’t feel we’re right for your project, we are happy to recommend other qualified engineers/studios to create your recordings. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Where are you located?

Big Bug Sound is located in south Phoenix, near 32nd St and Baseline. We’re located five minutes off I-10 E coming from the north or west, and ten minutes off I-10 W/Rt. 60 W from the east and southeast Valley.

What are your hours/days of operation?

We do our best to accommodate the schedules of our clients. We do not have fixed hours, but generally operate between 10 AM and early evening.

Why should I choose Big Bug Sound over all the other studios out there?

With more and more studios popping up these days, how do you know which one is right for you? The bottom line question for you is really, “How good is the music coming out of these studios?” As you research studios, the audio samples you’ll listen to will tell you more about that studio than any other aspect of the website. Don’t let other studios try to impress you with their list of microphones, or the fact that one of their engineers knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who recorded a famous musician 15 years ago. It all comes down to what quality of music they can actually create. Really, not much else matters.

We encourage you to spend time listening to our sampler HERE to get a sense of what we’ve done. With a huge variety of styles represented, and the quality that shines through in each, you’ll hear just Big Bug has to offer YOU. We decided to offer two free hours of recording time for new clients, after hearing about many of our current clients’ experiences with other studios. Before they came to Big Bug they spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to ultimately end up with a product they just weren’t happy with. Frankly, there are a LOT of studios out there today who just can’t deliver. We’re confident with your two free hours, you’ll see right away that your experience at Big Bug will be a great one. Also, we offer an introductory meeting to discuss your project, at no charge.

I play guitar (or piano) and sing, and don’t have a band. I want to make a CD with other musicians. Can you recommend players to contribute to my project?

Yes, absolutely. One of our favorite things is to take a song from a stripped-down format to a full arrangement. What makes songs really work is proper production and arrangement. Assessing how the song should be treated, then bringing in the best session players for your composition, is what makes the magic really happen.

Do you have a drum kit at your studio?

There is plenty of space in the tracking room to set up a full kit for rock, pop, country, etc. While we don’t house a kit here, we love tracking drums, and get great sounds with a simple three- or four-mic setup. Also, you can use up to ten mic’s on the kit if needed. Check out the Listen page for samples of drums recorded here at Big Bug with a minimal mic setup.

Do you do mastering?

We work in conjunction with Nathan James at Vault Mastering. Nathan has over 15 years experience mastering everything from rock to classical, and his ears will put the professional polish on your mixes and bring out the very best in them. For more info, please visit

A word of warning: beware of any studio that masters their own mixes. This is simply NOT a good idea. Think of mastering as the very final touches that are put on your mixes. After all the tracking (recording) is done, the tracks are mixed down, with volumes, sonic tweaking, and other manipulations done in the process. Only skilled engineers mix well (tracking is comparatively simple), and there are several studios in the Valley (which shall remain nameless) who simply do NOT know how to mix well. If they can’t mix well, how can they be trusted to master their own mixes? Most of these guys put their mixes through a piece of mastering software, not using their own ears to master properly.

How do I find out more about Big Bug Sound?

Feel free to call Robert Lang at 602-820-6861, or e-mail him at