Big Bug Sound


As you research recording studio websites, the most important thing to focus on is the quality of the audio samples you’ll find there. A great studio will do hiqh-quality work across a broad range of musical styles. Below is the Big Bug Sound sampler. The 20 excerpts here will give you an overview of the range of styles, and the quality of the work, that we do.

Big Bug Sound Sampler Big Bug Sound sampler

The grand piano is a staple of many styles of music. We are available to do location recordings of piano in your home or elsewhere, and also offer Synthogy’s Ivory II piano software here in the studio. Ivory contains amazing recreations of Steinway, Bosendorfer and Yamaha grand pianos. Below are samples of each. (Please note that two location recordings of piano are contained in the sampler above.)

Ivory – Steinway Steinway

Ivory – Bosendorfer Bosendorfer 

Ivory – Yamaha Yamaha 

If classic keyboards and organs are what you’re looking for, Big Bug Sound offer MOTU’s Electric Keys virtual instrument. Below are just a few of the instruments offered by Electric Keys:

Electric Keys – Fender Rhodes Fender Rhodes

Electric Keys – Hammond B3 Hammond B3

Electric Keys – Wurlitzer Wurlitzer

Electric Keys – Clavinet Clavinet

A good way to judge a studio is by the quality of their drum recordings. Drums are the most difficult instrument to capture well, as the kit is comprised of many elements, and the recording environment (room) plays a large role in the recording quality. Below are five samples of drum patterns recorded here using only four microphones (kick, snare and two overheads). These recordings are presented here in a raw state (almost no processing, or “hyping”, of the sounds) to give you a sense of what you’ll get. Keep in mind that the drums we are used to hearing in recordings are usually heavily processed, so you can think of the sounds here as the starting point, from where additional “seasoning” will be added.

Drums – Funk Funk

Drums – Latin Latin

Drums – Shuffle Shuffle

Drums – Jazz Jazz

Drums – Rock Rock