Big Bug Sound


Robert Lang of Big Bug Sound has been recording rehearsals of the Tempe Symphony Orchestra for the last four seasons — what a class act he is! He’s always set up and ready at the downbeat, easy to work with, and he is quick to get the recording to me the next week. In spite of the acoustic limitations of the rehearsal site, Robert makes the highest quality recordings. I can hear all of the musical details and then prepare a rehearsal plan for the next session. Robert is a skilled sound engineer that I can recommend to anyone!

Douglas Akey, Music Director
Tempe Symphony Orchestra

Feeling comfortable where I record and write is an invaluable element to me as a vocalist and songwriter. Robert has always made me feel like I am working with someone who wants me to be my best so I can create my best work. I’ve recorded at several studios and my experience with Robert at Big Bug was both more enjoyable and more successful than any others. Thanks Robert. You know I’ll be back!

Chris Timberlake
Vocalist and Songwriter

Big Bug Sound is great!
The whole atmosphere is professional, but comfortable and stress-free. Robert does a fantastic job of providing input and expertise, but making sure he respects the client’s vision to ensure they get the sound that they want. He’s always prepared and organized for whatever session he’s involved with. It’s been a pleasure working there.

Beth Lederman
Pianist and Bandleader

My experience at Big Bug Sound couldn’t have been better. Recording a demo CD with six songs in just two days was quite a challenge, but Robert devoted his full attention to my project, making the process flow incredibly smoothly. His expertise was clearly evident, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. This studio offers great quality combined with affordable rates making it number one on my list of recommendations.

Tera Crisalida
Guitarist and Singer – Brazilian Jazz and Samba

Robert obviously has the technical knowledge and tools needed to produce a great sounding recording, but I think his greatest asset is the way he relates to people. It’s a very personal and vulnerable thing to walk into a recording studio, get comfortable with the sound engineer/producer in a very short time, and then be able to pour your heart and soul into a performance that will be with you forever. Robert’s personality and demeanor help put people at ease so they are free to focus on the music. His goal is to help make every song the best it can be and to help each artist grow in the process. I learn something every time I work with Robert!

Cory Fournier
Singer, Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist